Age Conern Jersey is our chosen Charity for 2016/2017. Our staff have been very busy working hard to raise the cash to reach our targets. Much of this activity is undertaken by the Social Club, so if you look under that tab you will see all the types of activities we do.

Our 2 year target is to raise £15,000!

About Age Concern Jersey....

Age Concern Jersey is a Jersey based charity that supports
the elderly in the community and also campaigns on their behalf.

At Age Concern Jersey they have a clear vision for the future:

  • That there should be no ageism. Age should be recognised as a gift not a burden.
  • That older people should be given respect and courtesy.
  • That older people should have enough money to live on and not rely on hand-outs.
  • That older people should be able to enjoy a sense of well-being in a safe and secure environment.
  • That older people should have access to full health care.
  • That older people should be valued and not treated as second class citizens.
  • That older people should have a voice in the community.
  • Please use this site if you are interested in the services we can provide or if you wish to donate money or gifts, to help with fundraising, or are interested in volunteering.

Age Concern Jersey receives no financial support from the States of Jersey for the administrative operation of the charity and relies totally on the generosity of the local community to support its work.


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