B.A.S.I.S. and F.A.C.T.S. registered

From our agricultural warehouse at Five Oaks, Normans supply a wide variety of professional landscaping products and recommend chemicals and fertilizers to the trade.

As agents for some of the UK’s leading manufacturers of landscaping products including Scotts and Bayer, Normans supply local garden centres and professional landscaping companies the right advice and raw materials to cater for all private and commercial requirements.

Our product range includes Irish moss peats and composts, grass seed, bark, topsoil, lawn feeds, fertilizers and bone meal for a range of different applications. We stock premium brands which include Clover, Evergreen and Levington.

We also supply landscape fabric to cater for the increasing innovative, design led professional landscaping businesses.

The heritage of Normans can be traced back to 1840 when the business started making and supplying barrels and then potato kegs and wooden tomato trays to Jersey’s agricultural industry.

Our relationship with local growers is a strong as ever, and we continue to supply a wide range of products and services to meet the changing needs of Jersey’s agricultural and horticultural industries.

We are a B.A.S.I.S. and F.A.C.T.S. registered company, allowing us to store and supply, and recommend chemicals and fertilizers for indoor and outdoor use.  Normans is an agent for Syngenta Crop Protection.

For the indoor and outdoor grower, we supply the complete solution of seeds, polythene, fleeces, fertilizers, feeds and boxes, and are agents for Yara, Solufeed and RKW-Werra.

Normans is at the forefront of technological and environmental developments that can enhance the service provided to the local industry. One of these is the prediction of soil nutrients levels - essential for optimum plant growth and crop production.




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