Ocean Kayaks

At Ocean Kayak, they didn't invent the original sit-on-top kayak. They just perfected it. Innovation has been their mission since they launched their first sit-on-top in 1971.

Here are just a few of Ocean Kayak's innovation examples:

Roto-molded sit on top kayaks — Ocean Kayak was one of the first brands to start manufacturing and selling rotationally molded sit-on-top kayaks.
Our Malibu Two is the world's most popular sit-on-top. Why? With a patented overlapping foot wells that allow one, two and even three people (a smaller person in the middle) to fit comfortably in a compact tandem.
The Venus line offers the first sit on tops that were specifically designed for women.
Stackable hulls — several of the models were designed to be stacked. This allows for easier storage.

As a result of over 40 years of effort, today's sit-on-tops are safer, more durable and much more enjoyable. Just get out there and have fun.

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